Awaiting Inspiration

Framed Original Watercolor
Highest quality acid free watercolor paper

approximate dimensions:
Image Size: 11 x 15
Frame Size: 16 x 20

$300 plus shipping


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  1. 7-15-2014

    I just wanted to email you to say thank you for selling my son, Benjamin and I your beautiful work, Awaiting Inspiration. My son fell in love with the painting at the Fripp Island art festival because it reminds him of painting with Mom-mom (my mother, who cares for him and his brother during the day). They too use mason jars for his brushes and sponges. You’ll be happy to know that your painting hangs in my mother’s house in the room where Benjamin takes his nap during weekdays. It hangs above his bed, and he (and my mother) love it dearly. Your work has brought much happiness to our family, and I know that my son will cherish your painting always. He rarely asks for much, but he loved your painting at first glance. Thank you! Sincerely, Adam & Benjamin Hall

    • 7-16-2014

      Dear Adam,
      I was very glad to hear from you. I was so touched by your son Benjamin’s love of my painting, “Awaiting Inspiration”, that I totally neglected to note your name or how to get in touch with you. In all my years as an artist, no one has loved a painting so totally as Benjamin.

      That painting was juryed into a very special show that limited entries to the best 60 paintings submitted. It will forever hold special meaning for me because of Benjamin. If you would be so kind as to send me a mailing address at, I would love to send Benjamin a special thank you note.
      Ellen Long

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