Beaufort Art Association is privileged to own a Master Etching Press and to have members with the exceptional talent to

teach the many techniques used to create art using the press.  I will be assisting Joan Templer in classes focusing on Monoprint techniques, Intaglio Etchings, Collagraphs, Embossing and Graphite Transfers.  Classes will be held on Dec. 12 & 19, 2012 and January 2 & 9, 2013 from 10 am to 1 pm.  Cost of the class is $160 for the 4 class series.  Registration forms are available through BAA’s website at

Monoprint are created by painting directly on the plate and transferring the image to wet watercolor or printmaking paper using the Etching Press.

Intaglio Etchings are created by scratching the image into a Plexiglas or Copper plate.  Printers ink or oil paint is then applied.  A portion of the ink is rubbed off, leaving ink in the crevices of the etching.  The plate is then printed on wet watercolor paper using the press.  A sample of an Intaglio Print is attached entitled “Crab Pot Markers”



Collagraphs are created by building up designs on a plate, often using matboard as the base.  Patterns are “collaged” onto the plate, creating a multitude on shapes and densities.  Natural plant materials may also be used to created the patterns on the plate.  After sealing the plate, oil paint or printer’s ink are applied…then partially removed leaving ink in the crevices and hollows of the plate.  The prepared plate is then run through the press, transferring the image to wet watercolor paper.  Samples of collagraphs attached are “Boatjam”,  “Flight of Fantasy”, “Ferns & Thyme”.  In “Flight of Fantasy”, gold leaf was applied and the image was further enhanced with air brush and colored pencil shading.









An Embossing is a three dimensional image pressed into wet paper to create the “impression” of the image on the paper.  Plates may be created using modeling paste, exterior spackeling compound or a build up of materials as in the Collagraph plates.  However, these images are not inked prior to printing.  Completed images may be air brushed or further enhanced, as in the samples ”Regatta” and “Copper Koi”.




The deeply textured plates created for Embossing may also be used to create a graphite transfer, by placing graphite paper over the plate before running it through the press.  Images are usually then further enhanced by applying additional graphite shading on the finished print.

The greatest part of this process, is the plates that are created may be used  multiple times.  Ink colors may change and each application is different, so there is a variety to the finished art from each plate.  If you have questions about any of the techniques described, feel free to contact me at


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