I am very excited about a new series of paintings featuring the fabulous sights on Fripp Island’s beach.  It is a glorious place for families to enjoy the sun, surf, and tidal pools.  My camera has more reference photos than I have time to develop drawings and paintings.  I am calling this new series “Beach Bums”.  Some will be pen & ink with watercolor and others watercolors alone with the occasional Acrylic.

The first in the series is “Making Memories”…a painting of a mother and child playing in the reflective wash of the waves.  I am sure it will stir memories of your own times in the sun soaked sands just above the surf line.  It is a combination of watercolor and acrylic on paper that has been sealed under satin finish mediums and varnish.   This allows it to be framed without glass like an oil painting.  I really like this treatment, as there is so much bright light at the beach that reflections on the glass can be very distracting.

Watch for additional “Beach Bums” as the series progresses.  They will stir your own memories of wonderful times at your beach.


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